Last minute inspiration

With only about a month left between now and the final day of classes, I hope my students are getting visits from that misunderstood muse, Panic. She might be the last hope for some people. Taken from imgur.

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No need to get cocky

Looks legit

Just some guy at the chicken farm rounding up a herd.

Actually, just a creative guy with some free time that saw the opportunity to have some fun with Photoshop and created a scene out of a Saturday morning cartoon (remember those? ever hear of a Saturday morning cartoon?). It’s small, projects like this that allow graphic artists to experiment and flex some creative muscles. Taked from imgur.

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Looks legit

Looks legit

Acquiring Photoshop expertise means never having to worry about your Halloween pictures. Taken from imgur.

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It's Always Better if You Use a Tripod

My wife was out on retreat this past week with her quilt group and when it came time to take a group photo, they didn’t have access to another person that might take their picture. But we were able to get this portrait:

Final product

… from these two originals:

Original shot 1

Original shot 2

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